Business Toolkit

All the photos appearing in our Business Toolkit have been submitted by Summerside residents for our $1000 Give-Away Photo Contest.

Welcome to the #Choose Summerside team!

Did you know that #Choose Summerside is built upon the foundation that we are ALL ambassadors for Summerside as a great place to live, work and play?

We are the ones who can best influence our friends, family, neighbours and business associates, helping our city to grow and prosper by encouraging new residents and business owners to join us and just generally feeling more grateful for our blessings.  The more we spread the good word, the more we all benefit.


Why are you so vital to the success of #Choose Summerside?

As a business owner or manager, you have wide influence across your community.  The messages you share and the enthusiasm you show about living and working here have broad reach across many different groups of people – your employees, customers, suppliers, friends, family and Summerside visitors.

Simple conversations can have far-reaching implications – you never know how your comments could help to encourage another business owner to move here and start a business or a young family to decide to join our community.

#Choose Summerside is about taking an active role in sharing why this is such a great place — and we hope you’ll help us out.

How to use this Guide

The attached content provides you with some tools to help you take part and become a more informed ambassador.  While some sections have been developed specifically for owner/managers, there are lots of interesting facts and tips you can provide directly to your employees.

Just click through the links below for some easy ways for you to share your Summerside pride.   And please let us know of your successes — good news is infectious.

6 Easy Ways to Share the Message

5 Minutes to Engage Your Staff

Did you Know….?

Only in Summerside you say?


There’s more to #Choose Summerside than just this Toolkit.  For more information, return to our homepage or join us on one of the following social media channels: