Money Saving Benefits

In addition to its advocacy, professional development and networking opportunities, membership in the Summerside Chamber can also help to save you time and money.

  • Time, because we provide access to a number of best-in-class programs for business so you won’t have to do extensive research to find them, and,
  • Money, because most of these programs provide savings which are exclusive to Chamber members.

Below is a quick overview of each of these benefits.  Simply click the links for more information.

Local Member to Member Marketplace

When you buy local, you’re putting dollars back into our local economy that will help to build your neighbours’ and friends’ prosperity.  And when you sign up for the Chamber’s M2M Marketplace, you’re rewarded for doing so.  Explore how providing an offer or using the program can benefit both you and your employees.

Chamber Affinity Programs

Your Chamber membership gives you access to benefits negotiated by our national and regional Chambers.   Choose any or all of these, ranging from the largest and most flexible group insurance plan in the country to preferred rates on your debit and credit payment processing to business or personal travel discounts.

Promotional Opportunities

Within the Chamber, we offer a number of cost-effective ways to promote yourself to other Chamber members.  The choice is yours, ranging from website or eNewsletter ads, to sponsoring an event or exhibiting at a mixer.  Click through for the full list of promotional opportunities with associated fees.