Who better to spread the word about Summerside than those of us who live here and know that we are fortunate enough to live in one of the best places on the planet?

#Choose Summerside is  all about encouraging us to become better ambassadors for our own hometown.

About #Choose Summerside

The project was inspired by the GSCC’s ‘Way Forward’ conferences, where it was identified as a top priority by conference delegates.  We have the power to make an impact on the future growth and prosperity of our own lovely city based on how we talk about it with others.

A dedicated group of volunteers has formed to bring this program to life, beginning with social media campaigns  that reinforce why this is such a great place to live, work, raise a family or start a business.  An inaugural event was hosted on May 6, 2017 by the GSCC, Downtown Summerside & Explore Summerside.

If you are interested in joining the #Choose Summerside volunteer team, please let the Chamber office know:  info@summersidechamber.com.

Other #Choose Summerside initiatives:

#Choose Summerside Business Toolkit

A handy toolkit for business owners and managers chock full of tips and suggestions for of how you and your employees can help spread the #Choose Summerside message.

$1000 Give-Away Photo Contest

Sorry, the #Choose Summerside Photo Contest is now closed.  You can check out all the incredible shots submitted here .   Watch for our announcement of the winners on our social media channels!

Follow ‘#ChooseSummerside’ on social media, and help spread the word by sharing photos, videos and posts about the places and things you love about Summerside.  Add the hashtag  #ChooseSummerside.